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 Abstrage Works to 2018

digital and manual

Imagined poetry (2017)

I've recently been asked to create images in response to Judith Wright's Poem: .


The Trains

Glassed with cold sleep and dazzled by the moon,
out of the confused hammering dark of the train
I looked and saw under the moon's cold sheet
your delicate dry breasts, country that built my heart;
and the small trees on their uncoloured slope
like poetry moved, articulate and sharp
and purposeful under the great dry flight of air,
under the crosswise currents of wind and star.
Clench down your strength, box-tree and ironbark.
Break with your violent root the virgin rock.
Draw from the flying dark its breath of dew
till the unliving come to life in you.
Be over the blind rock a skin of sense,
under the barren height a slender dance...
I woke and saw the dark small trees that burn
suddenly into flowers more lovely that the white moon.


This is what I came up with using Abstrage techniques

Australian Landscapes (2011-2015)

These images are a combination of original photographs of landscapes and my other artworks.

Fanning the Flames (2014)

These images are blended  photographs of the aftermath of bushfires.

Manual Abstrage (2010-2012)

These images are created by manually cutting and pasting photographs or they are constructed from coloured paper and other materials.

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