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The project is a reflection of my recent experience of an accident that led to a twice broken arm, partially fractured vertebra, cracked patella, three broken ribs. Psychologically the experience left me with an initial lack of confidence and a feeling of alienation from my body. Waking up from the first unconscious state I was reminded of Kafka’s Metamorphosis and the character who is transformed overnight into an insect. With the help of my collaborator Lynn, who took the photos, this is the current result.

Silver Screen Surprise 2017

In pursuit of new insights into reflective surfaces this project  involved an emergency blanket. As a screen/frame for the surrounding landscape. Changes to wind and light created a plethora of different images.
The Mad Monk Project (2014)

Whilst traveling through the Australian Outback in 2014 I popped up two handmade signs in different locations. The signs read 'Stop the Mad Monk' and 'Axe Abbott' both references to the newly elected right wing Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 

Hugo Moonraker Project (2013)

During my overseas trip in 2013, I visited friends in

southern Sweden and had the great pleasure to learn how to weld. One result of my 'beginner's week' was Hugo Moonraker, so named after my instructor, Kalle Hugo Karlsson. Hugo Moonraker was conceived as a rocket but had to be adapted to a landing vehicle as I was not experienced enough to weld above my head or on a ladder. The project gathered additional momentum by Kalle's determination to establish an outdoor gallery using granite rocks collected on his land.

Gunther's Pyjamas (2011)


 My first visit to Sweden in many years provided an opportunity to properly farewell my former mentor and PhD supervisor Gunther Soukup whose partner Renate I had come to visit. Gunther had died some years ago but left plenty of memories for us.

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